In this excursion, the guide called Iorga will lead you to discover the grottos of Etna near Canalicchio of Catania and the Timpa della Leucatia; during the naturalistic trip, you will hear the literary tales inspired by the myth of Polyphemus...

Where: Catania

When: All year round

Duration: 4 hours

Meals: On request


Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun

Number of participants

Min. 1 - Max 20

Suitable for

Everyone (except for the severely disabled)


Italian - English - French


- Visit of Parco Gioeni (park), description of its spontaneous seasonal vegetation, description of the lavas present, visit of the ruins of the 18th century aqueduct and reading a passage of the "Odyssey" of Homer.

- Visit of Grotta Petralia (grotto), description of the formation of the Etnean grottos and reading of a passage from the "Odyssey" of Homer.

- Piazza I Viceré (square), reading of passages from the "Cyclops" by Euripides and comparisons with "U Ciclopu" by Pirandello.

- Visit of the Timpa della Leucatia, description of the site, flora, fauna, ford of the river, visit to the ruins of the 18th century aqueduct, reading an excerpt of the "Eneide” by Virgil.

No services that are not mentioned under “Included” are included in the price.

Bookings are made at least ten days in advance (subject to availability of the guide)

Cap with visor, water, trekking shoes and waterproof boots (a river ford is expected), clothes suitable for the season, snack or dried fruit, flashlights.



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