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To discover the hidden beauties, the history, the traditions and the secrets behind the world's most breathtaking land, Tury has selected the best Tour and Environmental Guides with experience and expertise, but above all, with passion. Each guide has a lot to say and tell ... View the profiles and get to know them better!


Tour and environmental guide

Geologist and volcanologist, writer of Sicily, great expertise to live an incredible and interesting experience in Sicily


Tour Guide

Great experience, passion and energy to discover one of the most beautiful treasures of the Sicilian hinterlands...

Ivano Iorga

Environmental Guide

A versatile guide with a great passion for literature and mythology. With him, you will discover the best of what nature has to offer at the foot of the volcano


Tour Guide

Great passion and love for Sicily, She will take you to discover the heritage and history in the center of Sicily

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