We propose an alternative experience in Caltagirone, the Sicilian “ceramics city” a few kilometres away from Catania. You will enter a craft workshop not far from the very famous stairway in order to discover the most renowned Sicilian ceramics and touch pottery with your own hands. During the pottery workshop experience, an expert artisan shall lead you through the stages of the pottery making process and tell you its secrets, as well as the stories and the anecdotes regarding each piece of pottery exposed in the workshop.

Where: Caltagirone - Catania

When: All the year

Duration: 2 hours

Meals: Not included


Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun 

Number of participants

Min. 1 - Max. 30

Suitable for

Individuals, groups, couples


Italian - English - French 


You can choose from two different options:

- Short pottery workshop lasting approximately 1,5 hours.

If you choose this option, you shall witness in detail all the production stages involved in the making of pottery masterpieces: designing, moulding, glazing and decorating. At this stage, you will learn basic technical information and find out about interesting anecdotes. Subsequently, during the practical moulding training, each participant shall take his/her place and make two clay items assisted by a master ceramist using old-fashioned techniques, which, in Caltagirone, date back to prehistory. At the end of the experience, you’ll go back to the workshop and get to know some traditional forms of pottery making, typical of our cultural heritage in the field of ceramics.

- Long pottery workshop lasting approximately 2,5 hours.

The long experience will take place in the same way as the short one with the exception that in addition to the moulding phase, there will be a decorating phase where the participants will get to know the most traditional decorating techniques in Caltagirone. After this, they will try to use such techniques themselves on a pottery brick or plate, purposely prepared beforehand by the master ceramist.

All services that are not included in the "Included" list are not covered by the price.

It is possible to make the reservation by email. We can personalise and arrange every experience according to the needs of each customer, both in terms of duration and content.

No particular clothing recommended.


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