Known as the "city of salt and sailing" or "city of the two seas", Trapani is profoundly tied to the sea. Developed on a crescent-shaped strip of land, bordered by the sea on three sides, Trapani is rooted in ancient mythology.



Located on the southwest coast of Sicily between Agrigento (60k) and Selinunte (36k), Sciacca (AG) is considered to be the oldest thermal center (natural spa) in Sicily.




Known as the Pearl of Sicily, Taormina is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy. Its success came in the twentieth century when it became a favorite destination for artists and intellectuals from all over the world.



Ragusa, also known as "island within the island" or "the other Sicily" due to the peculiarity of its history and its socio-economic context that distinguish it from other Sicilian realities, lies on the southern part of the Hyblaean Mountains.



A stop that cannot be missed in a tour of Sicily is Cefalù (50 km from Palermo); known worldwide for its cultural richness and landscape.


Palermo, “capital” of Sicily, stands on the plain of the Conca d'Oro (Golden Basin) and is capital of the province and the seat of the Regional Autonomous Government.

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